Tripoline Discover the flavors of Salento.

The restaurant and the outdoor bar offer a vast assortment of dishes and vevande coming from the local tradition.
The fruits of the sea and of the earth are majestically worked for the preparation of light, tasty and nutritious dishes. From appetizers to desserts, Salento will delight your palate.

To offer the best, we pay great attention to the selection of suppliers, preferring mature and tasty local products because the quality of a typical cuisine comes from the products that grow and ripen in the region where it resides.


Knowing Salento is also about knowing its dishes.

Guests can count on a rich breakfast suitable for the summer climate, the buffet lunch and dinner offer dishes that are as fragrant as they are generous.
The bar near the pool serves guests a rich assortment of drinks, drinks, juices, snacks and breakers.